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When it comes to rosacea, there are a lot of questions to ask.
On this page there are over 500 questions.  Day by day we're attempted to answer them all.

What is the best way to treat rosacea? Is there a cure for Rosacea? 

What is the best way to treat rosacea? Is there a cure for Rosacea?

These are two frequently asked questions by the estimated 60 Million people that have been diagnosed with rosacea world wide. If that many have been diagnosed, it probably means that an equal number of people have gone undiagnosed.

The first answer to these two question seems to vary from doctor to doctor, and the second has always been the same; there is none. Frustrating. Since there is no cure, let’s talk about the most effective ways to treat rosacea.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when treating your rosacea is that it is a chronic condition fueled by an inflammatory reaction in the immune system. When you have rosacea, you might find yourself subject to sudden facial reactions like redness, extreme sensitivity and the feeling that your face is on fire. You probably know by now you’ve been “triggered” by something. These not-so-fun reactions are your immune system’s way of protesting against an irritation. Irritation can come from the inside, (ie. bacteria), or the outside, (heat, cold, etc.). So what do we do?

Attack rosacea on two fronts. Inside and out.

The medical community widely favors pharmaceutical antibiotics like doxycycline as a way to treat rosacea, and antibiotics can be very helpful, but let’s explore some other avenues. There several highly effect organic remedies for rosacea that include topical oils, gluten free diets (Click here for Gluten Free Facial Care Products) and oral nutraceuticals.  It is important to treat yourself as a “whole” and not aggravate any other systems in your body in the process. To that point, antibiotics aren’t the best long term solution because of their effect on your healthy flora. For overall health and well being, following a more holistic approach may be the key complete wellness.

I love watching Dr. Oz. I love his energy and passion about health. I love the way he looks his guests in the eyes and holds their hands as he guides them through his crazy and colorful demonstrations. Lately Dr. Oz has been doing a lot of shows about the foods we eat and how it affects our brains and bellies. Apparently wheat and sugar are the biggest offenders. Not only do they affect our waistlines, but they affect the quality of our skin. What’s the lesson learned? Your skin is what you eat so keep that in mind at every meal!

(Click here for Gluten Free Facial Care Products)
Watch what you put ON your face. Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients. Read the label before you buy and try. Learn what ingredients in facial care products aggravate rosacea.

The Bad
Here are a few “No, No” ingredients for rosacea Cleansers and Moisturizers:

DMDM Hydantoin
Witch Hazel

The Very Good

Here are a few “Yes, Yes!” ingredients for rosacea care products: The key word here: Organic.

Sea Buckthorn Oil (super skin healer, kills skin mites, tissue regeneration)
Rooibos Extract (anti-allergenic, protects the skin against oxidative stress, anti-aging, eczema healer)
Green Tea Leaf (rich antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals, heals sun damage, reduces redness)
Black Willow Bark (anti-inflammatory)
Sweet Almond Oil (wondrous ability to penetrate layers of skin for moisturization)
Organic Blue Green Algae (collagen synthesis, aids in moisture balance)
Organic Calendula Extract (wound healing, skin protection, anti-inflammatory)
BilBerry Extract (powerful antioxidant)
Manuka Honey (Amazing natural moisturizer and bacteria killer)
Pomegranate Extract (promotes natural sun protection in skin)

In the end it is up to you to experiment with your rosacea treatment choices. Depending on the severity of your rosacea, you may find that changing your diet is enough to tame your rosacea symptoms. Some may discover the facial care products they’ve been using have been causing them trouble. Others, especially those with Ocular Rosacea, may want to add Rosadyn to their treatment protocol. Many will benefit from all three actions. The choice is up to you. There are so many products out there that don’t work, it’s important to share your treatment successes with others.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Is Bio Oil good for rosacea? Does Bio Oil heal Acne scars? Click here

​​​​​​Can acupuncture help rosacea?​
When you have rosacea, you really have to think outside the box sometimes. It seems no one person gets the same result from the rosacea treatments out there. Keeping that in mind, rosacea skin care should not be limited to what you are putting on the skin topically.

So, let’s talk about acupuncture for rosacea.   Don't be afraid!

Taking a holistic approach to treatment for rosacea might just be the right thing for you. This type of natural skin care therapy is best described as exploring and harmonizing the connections between internal imbalances and external skin conditions.

We know our skin is our largest organ, and like our other organs, the skin plays a role in regulating and detoxifying the systems in our bodies. So how does this connect to Rosacea? Here’s how. The skin is one of the exterior filter organs for our interior organs. When there is junk inside, or imbalances that require detoxification, the waste has to come out through the filter. This kind of toxic exodus is what leads to acne, redness, facial inflammation, hyper pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin texture and facial rashes.

Acupuncture targets your internal imbalance and clears the pathways of your entire system. This allows the energy gates to open and balance to be restored, which cleans the skin filter, and begins to heal skin maladies like rosacea.

In a typical visit, your acupuncturist will ask tons of questions about your health, look at your eyes, skin and tongue, and check your pulse several times, sometimes while pressing on certain points on the body. After this assessment, he or she will choose points to work with and insert special hair-like needles (painless) into these points. After all the needles have been inserted, you get to just relax for a while, letting them work their magic. The needles placed at specific points will help to move energy called “Qi” or “Chi” and also help to calm or stimulate different organs, tissues or systems in your body. Being a newcomer to the world of acupuncture, I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing it was and how quickly I felt the benefits! I highly recommend regular acupuncture sessions in addition to facials for overall health and beautiful skin

What does Dr. Oz say about Rosacea?​​

Dr. Oz describes Rosacea as an embarrassing condition that strikes many of us as we age and it can often be wrongly confused with acne. What causes Rosacea? And what can we do about Rosacea? On his famous television show, Dr. Oz brings a woman named Carol up from the audience. Carol has Rosacea. She says that she gets redness or blotching on her skin when she drinks alcohol, but is not sure if she has rosacea. Dr. Oz tells her that Rosacea tends to occur in people with a propensity to blush or get flushed and the causes can vary. For example, Hot Flashes can cause Rosacea, which is why peri-menopausal or menopausal women are prone to developing this condition later in life. He tells her that while Rosacea effects women of all colors, people with pale skin and light hair tends to happen more frequently. More severe Rosacea happens when your blood vessels get engorged and stay large rather than going down, which can make cheeks and chin turn red. You can get little mites (tiny animals) that stick to your skin and cause a somewhat grainy texture, and you can also get an infection in other parts of your body which leads to an overall body inflammatory response.   (read about Sea Buckthorn Oil for mites below)

​​How long does it take for doxycycline to work for rosacea?

Typically it takes doxycycline 2-4 works to penetrate into your system and begin to clear up symptoms caused by bacteria. Tiny skin bumps associated with rosacea and/or general redness is caused by dilated blood vessels, localized swelling, mild fibrosis, and leakage of inflammatory cells into the superficial layers of the skin. When Doxycycline clears up the bacteria associated with rosacea, inflammation reduction is the first symptom people notice. When the inflammation goes down, the toxic leakage is lessoned and other symptoms begin to dissipate.

Dr Oz said that the following things will help to lessen Rosacea:

- Green Tea for inflammation, papules and redness
Dip a wash clothe in green tea and let is soak on your face for 10 minutes. Green Tea is a wonderful healer for rosacea. See our Green Tea facial care products below.

-Sea Buckthorn Oil for mites.
This antioxidizing oil also great for your skin, and has been touted as a highly effective remedy for rosacea. Just apply the sea buckthorn oil topically to your face as part of your daily beauty routine.

​​Click here to read more about Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Can African Americans get rosacea?
Yes, they can, but it is far more common in lighter skin people of Northern European descent.

Can aloe vera help rosacea?
Aloe Vera is famous for its healing properties and, yes, Aloe Vera is wonderful for rosacea and skin in general.   Aloe Vera Treatment Masks with Green Tea and Willowbark help reduce inflammation and redness

Can babies get rosacea?
Babies and rosacea. Baby acne-rosacea, also known as acne neonatorum effects about 2 out of every 10 babies. It seems that boys are more often affected than girls.
There have been a lot of researchers have tried to determine the causes of baby acne-rosacea, pointing at environmental factors or hormones passed to the child during child birth especially to male children. It's thought that these hormones may create the imbalance in the skin and pores. Besides a possible genetic link, rosacea can be aggravated by sun exposure, Helicobacter pylori bacteria that is associated with stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal disease, and foods and medications that cause blood vessels to widen. Some feel rosacea may be caused by a skin mite that lives in hair follicles. If your particular case of rosacea is caused by these skin mites, tea tree oil or buckthorn oil may be a helpful remedy.

​​Can exercise help rosacea?
Exercise is wonderful and necessary for overall health, but it does get the blood pumping and there for fire up the rosacea. Any exertion that raises your blood pressure will put extra force on the veins in your face. Think about it, everyone's face turns red during and after exercise, so a rosacea suffer needs to be prepared for the same.

Can finacea make rosacea worse?
Any product can make your rosacea worse, it truly depends on the person and their chemistry.  When you have rosacea, finding the right products is almost a full time job.  Unfortunately many of us have to experiment first in order to find the products that help us and don't irritate our skin.

Try Rosacea cleanser and moisturizer samples ​​
Can ipl help rosacea?
Ipl can certain help some aspects of rosacea.  Ipl is often helpful in getting rid of spider veins and/ or broken capillaries.  ​

Can kids get rosacea? Can kids have rosacea?
​Yes, unfortunately they can.

Can laser treatment help rosacea?

Can makeup cause rosacea?
No, rosacea in an internal problem, not external. Makeup can aggravate rosacea though. click here for rosacea friendly makeup​ ​​​​​​​​​​​

Can birth control cause rosacea?
Rosacea is very effected by hormones, so it makes sense that something like birth control pills, that effect your hormone levels, would effect your rosacea.  Whether or not it causes it, is another matter. Birth control ( hormones) is responsible for many problems of ill health in women. Regarding the flare up of your rosacea, this is not unique. 

Can birth control help rosacea?
Some dermatologists prescribe birth control pills to reduce breakouts. Anxiolytic drugs are sometimes used as well, including Valium and Ativan, to prevent blushing. These drugs, however, can be highly addictive and do not teach you to use your inner resources to change your body’s responses.

Can dairy cause rosacea?
Dairy can aggrevate rosacea, but there is no evidence that dairy cause it.

Can diet help rosacea?
Absolutely!  Hot foods or beverages, spicy foods, caffeine withdrawal (caffeine itself isn't a factor), alcohol, sunlight, stress, anger or embarrassment, strenuous exercise, hot baths, saunas, corticosteroids (as well as drugs that dilate blood vessels), temperature extremes, cold weather, wind, and certain skin care products.

Other products to avoid include foods that are blood vessel dilators such as vinegars, hot spices and various other spicy seasonings, hot sauces, peppers (including black pepper) and meat marinades. Tomatoes, citrus fruits and related juices, bananas, and red plums, raisins, figs, pasta, cheese, and chocolates are some of the worst offenders to many. Other very common known flushing foods are liver, sour cream, vanilla, soy sauce, yeast extract, eggplant, avocados, spinach, broad-leaf beans and pods, including lima, navy or peas. These are the common trigger foods rosacea.

Many people also have reported outbreaks after eating chocolate, lobster, prawns, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, food colorings and MSG. Aspartame and NutraSweet as a sugar replacement causes noticeable flushing in 30% of rosaceans.

These activities and foods cause rosacea. Once you determine which of these triggers an outbreak, you can avoid it.

Are Men Or Women Affected More By Rosacea? 

There have been many clinical studies and trials done on Rosacea. Rosacea is a skin disorder that normally effects the face and neck, and is characterized by redness, splotchy complexion, small spider veins and acne like sores and spots. This disorder is commonly mistaken for an acne breakout, but typical acne products generally do not work on Rosacea. The most common Rosacea products prescribed by dermatologists are, B-hydroxide acid treatments. This treatment is effective towards reducing the symptoms of Rosacea, but the side effects of B-hydroxide acid, including extreme drying of the skin, can be quite troublesome to many.

In Rosacea clinical trials, it has been shown that women are more prone to the symptoms of Rosacea. While men are affected by this skin disease, it is more prevalent in women. The underlying cause of Rosacea is currently unknown, but has been attributed to heredity, pollution, skin care, medications and overall health. There are many Rosacea products on the market today, but there is no known cure for this skin affliction. While pastules and pustules are common with the symptoms of Rosacea, this could be the sign of an underlying concern that should be evaluated by your dermatologist or health care professional.

When you are seeking a Rosacea treatment, you need to decide if you want to take the modern medical route, or a more natural option. In either choice, you can find an effective treatment for the symptoms of your Rosacea. While Rosacea is more common in women, men are also prone to this disorder, and tend to be more hesitant to seek medical treatment for this condition. In this case Black Willow Bark, can be purchased at any health food store, and is very effective towards Rosacea treatment, without the embarrassment of going to your health care professional. Although it is always recommended that you see your doctor with any medical concerns, and to be sure of the condition you are treating. Black Willow Bark is a natural herb that has the same properties as aspirin, and is an anti inflammatory and an antiseptic. All of which is essential in the Rosacea treatment process. While Rosacea is a skin disorder or condition, it does cause a higher level of bacteria that needs to be kept under control, in order to reduce the effects and symptoms of Rosacea.

If Rosacea is left untreated, it will get progressively worse. This condition can cause scarring and skin damage, and should be tended to right away for the best results. Whether you choice to visit your doctor or dermatologist, or you chose to take a natural path, it is imperative that the condition is treated in a timely manner. Even though Rosacea is more common in women, men should never think this disorder cannot happen to them. Men are effected by this skin condition as well, and the symptoms in men, are normally worse than in women. Rest assured though, there are Rosacea treatments and products available to get your skin and complexion back to where it belongs.

Can menopause cause rosacea? 
Yes.  For women hormones become very active later in life around menopause. It is because of this women who've never had rosacea are suddenly finding themselves afflicted.
Can metrogel make rosacea worse?
There have been cases where metrogel has aggravated rosacea due to drying out the facial skin, but in general metrogel has helped those who use it.

Can niacin cause rosacea?
​High doses of niacin cause flushing of the skin, stomach upset (which usually subsides within a few weeks), headache, dizziness, and blurred vision. There is an increased risk of liver damage. A time-release form of niacin reduces flushing, but its long-term use is associated with liver damage. In addition, niacin can interact with other cholesterol-lowering drugs (see "Possible Interactions"). You should not take niacin at high doses without your doctor's supervision.

Can pregnancy cause rosacea?
Because of the surge in hormones, pregnancy can cause what is refered to as "transient rosacea".
Can proactive help rosacea?

Can probiotics help rosacea?
Yes!  Anything that aid in healthy flora is good for your skin.​​​

Can retin A cause rosacea?
No it doesn't cause rosacea, but it can aggravate it.​

Can rosacea affect the lips? 
Generally you will not see rosacea on the lips​

Can rosacea affect the scalp?
Yes, rosacea can migrate up and over the scalp area.  Typically this will present in the form of a very sensitive scalp and dandruff.  

Can rosacea be cured?
Rosacea cannot be completely cured, but it can be treated and managed with diet changes, proper skin care and sometimes a nutraceutical or antibiotic.

Can rosacea be itchy?
Yes, rosacea can be very itchy especially when it is accompanied by dry skin.  Sometimes dermatitis is mistaken for rosacea, but in many cases treatment is the same. Moisturizers with Sweet Almond ​Oil have been very effective treating dry skin and dermatitis.

Can rosacea be on arms?
Yes, it can.  Though rosacea tends to center on the face, neck and chest, it can also manifest on the arms.  Many people with rosacea also have Keratosis pilaris ( commonly known as chicken skin)  Keratosis pilaris causes the skin's surface to become raised, rough and bumpy with red dots.  An excellent cure for keratosis pilaris is UltraDry Moisturizer.  You'll notice your chicken skin diminish after a single application of this moisturizer.

Can rosacea be on the chest?
Yes, it can.  see above

Can rosacea be on the neck?
Yes it can.​

Can rosacea be reversed?
Rosacea can be effective treated, but not reversed.​

Can rosacea be transmitted?
No, it can not.​

Can rosacea be treated?
Yes it can.​

Can rosacea cause acne?
No, but it will aggravate it.​

Can rosacea come and go?
Yes, rosacea can go into what's know as "remission".  This often corresponds with a change in the bodies hormonal activity.

Can rosacea go away?
Yes, rosacea can go into what's know as "remission". This often corresponds with a change in the bodies hormonal activity.

Can steroid induced rosacea be cured

Can stress cause rosacea?
Stress can not cause rosacea, but it most certainly can aggravate the condition and often does.

Can tanning help rosacea?
As a general rule, people with rosacea should avoid tanning as it aggravates and inflames the sensitive facial skin.

Can teenagers get rosacea?
The teenage years is the time most boys get rosacea. This is due to the hormonal surge of puberty. Hormonal surges stimulate skin oil production causing much of teenage rosacea to be marked by acne-like papules and pustules.

Can teenagers have rosacea?
see above

Can thyroid cause rosacea?
Thyroid condition do not cause rosacea.
Can you cure rosacea?

Can you develop rosacea?
Yes you can develop rosacea during certain times of your life like puberty or menopause.  Developing rosacea at these times often has to do with changes in your hormonal system.  You can also have rosacea like symptoms during pregnancy.  This type of rosacea is often transient and will go away after several months.

Can you die from rosacea?

Can you get rid of rosacea?

Can you grow out of rosacea?
Yes. you can go into what's called "remission".  It is also possible for Rosacea to subside when hormones changes.
Can you prevent rosacea?
You can really prevent rosacea, but you can reduce and/or eliminate the symptoms by avoiding foods, temperatures and facial products that provoke outbreaks.

Can you reverse rosacea?
Can young people get rosacea?
Anyone can get rosacea.​

Celebrities who have rosacea?
Cameron Diaz, Rene Zellweger, Bill Clinton, Matt Damon, Judy Garland, Justin Beiber (nose flushing), Princess Diana, and Ty Pennington.  You are not alone!

Did George Washington have rosacea?
No one really knows, but chances are many of our rosey red-cheeked ancestors suffered from rosacea.
Do african americans get rosacea?
Yes, in all the same ways as lighter skin people except the redness doesn't show as dramatically.  ​

do antihistamines help rosacea
do asians get rosacea
do black people get rosacea

D​o certain foods cause rosacea?
Foods do not cause rosace, but they can trigger flare ups and aggravate the condition.​

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Does accutane cause rosacea?

does acne rosacea itch
does alcohol cause rosacea
does alcohol make rosacea worse
does aloe vera help rosacea
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does cameron diaz have rosacea
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Does diet affect rosacea?

Does doxycycline help with rosacea? Does doxycycline work for rosacea?
There are several​ oral antibiotics that help with a point.  The trouble with antibiotics for rosacea is that you have to stay on them year after year to get the effects.  Constantly taking this kind of med can weaking their effectiveness and cause other issues.   By far the best oral nutraceudical on the market for rosacea is Rosadyn.  Packed with highly effective ingredients, rosacea sufferers can stay on Rosadyn without sufferering negative health consequences.  Oh...and Rosadyn works wonders!

Does drinking cause rosacea?
Excess drinking can cause and sustain rosacea.  Have you ever seen an alcholics with a blotchy red face or big red nose?  This is alchohol induced rosacea we call "drinker's face".   In these cases the rosacea will subside when the drinking does. ​ Alchohol thins the blood and the walls of the veins.  Besides cause the face to appear redder, thinning the blood also prevents cuts, punctures and bruises from healing as rapidly as they would with normal blood that’s full of “activated” platelets that group and stick together to plug up the wound.
Does drinking water help rosacea?
Yes.  Fluids help flush toxins from our body.  ​Inflammation is often caused by toxins and aggravates rosacea.  By reducing inflammation, our blood vessels get some needed relief and there by our rosacea symptoms lessen.

does exercise help rosacea
does finacea help rosacea
does finacea work for rosacea

Does fish oil help rosacea?
​Foods with "good" oils are good for your facial skin. Some examples are Salmon, Avocado, Almonds, and Krill. Olive oil is another good one. Sea Buckthorn Oil is wonderful to "on" your facial skin.

Does Green Tea help rosacea?
​Green tea is already a Rock Star amongst the "natural" medicinal products, but now Green Tea Leaf extract has made a giant splash in the healing of rosacea.

Researchers have found that rosacea sufferers treated with green tea facial care products had remarkable improvement in redness and pustules. Bottom line green tea cleanser for rosacea really works.

Does rosacea cause dry skin?
Yes, it can cause dryness which can further irritate the condition.   It is very important to use a mild, hydrating cleanser and moisturizer on your face.  If you have dry, flaky skin, look for almond oil in your moisturizer.  Cleanser and Moisturizer for Ultra Dry Skin.

does rosacea cause swelling
does rosacea come and go
does rosacea ever go away
does rosacea feel hot

Does rosacea get worse with age?​
It can, especially for women.  Women hormones are most active later in life around menopause.  It is because of this women who've never had rosacea are suddenly finding themselves afflicted. 

Does rosacea get worse with pregnancy?
Yes. Because of hormanal changes, rosacea can indeed get worse with pregnancy.  ​

Does rosacea go away?
Rosacea never fully goes away, but it does go into what is known as remission.  A rosacea sufferer can go months and years without rosacea symptoms.  It as has been reported that people taking Rosadyn have have gone into remission for long stretches of time. 

Does rosacea go away itself?
​See above answer

Does rosacea go away with age?
It can subside with age, or in the case of women going through menapause, get worse.

Does rosacea itch and burn?

Does rosacea ltd iv work?

Does smoking cause rosacea?
Smoking does not cause rosacea, but it does aggravate it due to the "Rosacea and the Heart" connection.  Smoking would be considered a "trigger" not a cause.  In addition, it isalways good for Rosacea sufferers to stay away from trigger foods and beverages like alcohol, spices, caffeine, and some times dairy. Not every Rosacea sufferer is triggered by these foods or smoking, but they do tend to aggravate the condition in the majority of people.

Does stress cause rosacea?
Like Smoking, stress does not cause rosacea, but it does aggravate it. Stress raises your blood pressure. When our blood pressures rises, there is more force on our vascular system. For a rosacea sufferer, high blood pressure is major trigger that causes the blood to rush to the surface of our faces (flushing) and cause extreme “red face” that doesn’t go away as quick as it does for someone without rosacea.

Does sugar cause rosacea?
While​ sugar does not cause rosacea, excess blood sugar levels are one of the top inflammatory culprits that stimulate rosacea flares.
Does tanning help rosacea?

Does vitamin e help rosacea?

Does zenmed really work rosacea?
Like any other facial care product for rosacea, zenmed does work for some, but not others.​

Does zinc help rosacea?
Yes, zinc helps as a supplement for rosacea as well as a helpful skin protectant in sunscreens.  Zinc helps thicken and repair rosacea damaged skin.  The popular oral supplement Rosadyn, contain one of the best formulations of zinc called OptiZinc.​

Famous people who have rosacea.
Mariah Carey, Bill Clinton, Justin Bieber, Renee Zellwegger, Cameron Diaz, Santa Claus ;)​, Will Farrell, Paul McCartney, etc.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Rosacea?
How Do You Get Rosacea?
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How do you treat ocular rosacea?
The single greatest product helping those with ocular rosacea is Rosadyn.​
How Do You Treat Rosacea?
How Does Finacea Work For Rosacea?
How Does Metrogel Work On Rosacea?
How Does Metronidazole Treat Rosacea?
How Does Rosacea Affect The Eyes?
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How long does it take for rosacea to go away?

It varies, depending on a several things.  One is the severity of your condition.  Another is the methods you chose to treat it with.​​  Some people can lessen rosacea symptoms with a change in diet and skin care products. Some get relief from antibiotics or some from Rosadyn.  Sometimes rosacea symptoms go away when hormones change.  It is incredibly variable when it comes to individual hormonal systems. 

How long does it take metrogel to work on rosacea?
​​Most people see results in 1-2 weeks.  Inflammation reduction is the most common positive result with Metrogel, followed by general redness reduction and smoothing out of the skin.  A fair amount of people report dryness with Metrogel, but that can be counterbalanced with a good moisturizer.

How long does rosacea last?
Rosacea can be a life long battle, but the good news is that it often goes into remission for months or years at a time.

How long for rosacea to go away? 
It depends on how you treat your rosacea, what your diet is like, where you live, how old you are, etc. There are many elements that effect the persistence of rosacea symptoms.  Some get fast relief from products like Rosadyn, some use laser, some change their diets and get results. Sometimes a hormonal period will end and take rosacea symptom with it. You can also grow out of it, or grow into it.  

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What causes rosacea?  (see video answer below)
 Although the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, various theories about the disorder's origin have evolved over the years. Facial blood vessels may dilate too easily, and the increased blood near the skin surface makes the skin appear red and flushed. Various lifestyle and environmental factors -- called triggers -- can increase this redness response. Acne-like bumps may appear, often in the redder area of the central face. This may be due to factors related to blood flow, skin bacteria, microscopic skin mites (Demodex), irritation of follicles, sun damage of the connective tissue under the skin, an abnormal immune or inflammatory response, or psychological factors.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Is there a cure for rosacea?
The correct answer to this question is that there is no cure...but there are certain better and better ways to minimize and treat your rosacea.

What are the three steps to healing rosacea?

Step 1. Heal from the Outside

Cleanser, Gels and Treatment Masks, oh my!

Step 2. Heal from the Inside

You are what you eat. The good and bad foods for rosacea sufferers

Step 3. Treatment; There are several choices

Medication? IPL? Surgery? What is best for me?Read more

What triggers rosacea?
It's always good for Rosacea sufferers to stay away from trigger foods and beverages like alcohol, spices, caffeine, and some times dairy. Not every Rosacea sufferer is triggered by these foods, but they do tend to aggravate the condition in the majority of people.

Who gets rosacea? 
Anyone can get rosacea.

​​​​​​​​​​What are Rare forms of rosacea?
Persistent edema of rosacea: This is rather rare and the diagnosis is often missed. Patients mainly complain about deformed facial contours, other symptoms are usually not stated. It is characterized by a hard edema in the affected areas such as forehead, glabella, upper eyelids, nose, or cheeks.

Rosacea fulminanss
This form is an extreme variant of rosacea conglobata and is characterized by sudden onset, large carabunculoid nodules and confluent draining sinus on a red face with predominance of the chin, cheeks and forehead. Intense red to blue discoloration and swelling of the face may occur. Usually, there is no eye involvement. Seborrhea is a constant feature and is often confirmed as having severely increased with onset of the disease. Rosacea fulminans mainly affects postadolescent women, some of them having a history of emotional trauma. Overall, the etiology is unclear.

Rhinophyma is the most common form of phymas and mainly affects men. In general, it is a rare complication and seldom begins before the age of 40. It may accompany stage III rosacea but there is quite a high number of patients that have only mild variants of rosacea in other parts of the face. Rhinophyma is characterized by a chronic deep inflammation that steadily leads to an increase of connective tissue and sebaceous gland hyperplasia.

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Rosacea how do you get it?

Rosacea how Does it start?

Rosacea how to get rid of it?

Rosacea how to treat it?

What antibiotics are used to treat rosacea?

Tetracycline is an antibiotic for rosacea used to treat infections. It is effect on the eye problems associated with some rosacea sufferers. You shouldn't take tetracycline if you are breastfeeding. Care should be taken with this rosacea antibiotic in that it will increase your likelihood of a sun burn and decrease your birth control pill effectiveness. You shouldn't take tetracycline with milk, cheese or any other dairy products within a 2 hour time frame, or use any antacids, calcium supplements, or sodium bicarbonate.

Doxycycline is an antibiotic for rosacea used to treat infections. It is effect on the eye problems associated with some rosacea sufferers. You shouldn't take doxycycline with milk, cheese or any other dairy products within a 2 hour time frame, or use any antacids, calcium supplements, cholestyramine, or sodium bicarbonate. Care should be taken with this rosacea antibiotic in that it will increase your likelihood of a sun burn and decrease your birth control pill effectiveness.

Minocycline is an antibiotic for rosacea used to treat infections. You shouldn't take this rosacea antibiotic if you've had an allergy to it or any sulfite sensitivities. This rosacea antibiotic will also make you dizzy or lightheaded, and care should be taken about driving or doing anything requiring balance and concentration. You shouldn't take doxycycline with milk, cheese or any other dairy products within a 2 hour time frame, or use any antacids, calcium supplements, cholestyramine, or sodium bicarbonate.

Possible side effects of antibiotics include:
Nausea or vomiting
Allergic reaction
Vaginal yeast infection

What are rosacea papules?
They are acne like blemishes that often contain puss.

What are the best skin care products for rosacea?

What is the best lotion for rosacea?

What is a natural cure or natural remedy for rosacea?​​​​ 
The best way to treat rosacea naturally​ is with a rosacea friendly diet and with organic facial care products for rosacea.  The rosacea diet consists of avoiding "trigger" foods like red wine, caffeine, spicy dishes, energy drinks and dairy.  Not all people with rosacea are triggered by these food groups, but test yourself out to see which food causes you to flush.  Besides using a good organic cleanser for rosacea, you also can try a Manuka Honey Face Mask to calm the redness and inflammation.  Manuka Honey does wonders for rosacea sensitive skin.  It moisturizes, heals blemishes and calms inflammation.  Even better, Manuka Honey lessens rosacea rednessand gives your facial skin an overall healthier texture.  If you're striving for a natural cure for rosacea, what you put on your face is an excellent place to start.  Organic, organic, organic!



​What are the symptoms of rosacea?
The most common symptom is a general redness and inflammation of the facial skin that doesn't go away.  Other symptoms include excessive facial flushing and skin tenderness.  Often rosacea sufferers were have multiple broken blood vessels around the nose area as well as acne like blemishes. Read more

What are the treatments for rosacea?

What can be done for rosacea? What can help rosacea?
There are many choices including antibiotics, Rosadyn, IPL, diet and lifestyle changes and proper skin care.  Usually a combination of 2 or 3 of these things is required to get rosacea under control. 

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What Can I do about my rosacea? What Can i do for rosacea? What Can i do to get rid of rosacea? 
There are a few options.  First Option, go see a dermatologist and discuss a treatment plan with them.  Most skin doctors will put someone with rosacea on antibiotics, which does help.  The problem with antibiotics is staying on them long term.  It's not good for your body.  It weakens the healthy intestinal flora in your body and renders you dependent on antibiotics.   The second thing you can do, and this option seems to be more common these days, is do your research on what help/effects rosacea symptoms. You can learn much about how diet, lifestyle and hormones trigger facial flushes, outbreaks and skin sensitivity.  Most of us will spend time on the internet looking for information.  Most likely that's how you got to this page.  Natural remedies are becoming more and more popular.  Facial Cleanser and moisturizer with organic ingredients are always helpful.  If you haven't already, read about Rosadyn, it's an oral supplement that has been truly helping rosacea sufferers. By all accounts it seems to be most effective at controlling flushing, reducing redness and clearing up ocular rosacea.

What Can i use for rosacea?

What Can trigger rosacea?
Rosacea itself can be triggered by hormones or inflammation.  A "rosacea flare" can be triggered by food, heat, emotions, medicine, facial care products and exercise.  It's usually all about raising the blood pressure or irritating the facial nerves.

What Can you do about rosacea?
What Can you do for rosacea?
What causes ocular rosacea?

What causes psoriasIs rosacea?

What causes rosacea acne?

What causes rosacea flare up?

What causes rosacea outbreak?

What causes rosacea to flare up?
There are a myriad of triggers that can cause rosacea to flare. One of the biggest triggers is hormones. For women hormones are most active later in life around menopause. For men, it's the opposite. Hormones rage in teenage boys and often this is when rosacea presents and flares mercilessly. Certain foods can also cause flare ups. Exercise and emotional distress can also cause rosacea flushing and flares. A simple rule of thumb when if comes to causes of redness in the face is the raising of your blood pressure. (read more about rosacea and your heart) When our blood pressures rises, there is more force on our vascular system. For a rosacea sufferer, high blood pressure is major trigger that causes the blood to rush to the surface of our faces (flushing) and cause extreme “red face” that doesn’t go away as quick as it does for someone without rosacea.
What clears up rosacea?

What cream is good for rosacea?

What cream to use for rosacea?

What creams are good for rosacea?

What do dermatologists recommend for rosacea?

What do you do for rosacea?

What Does metrogel do for rosacea?
Metrogel helps to dry out the puss like areas of rosacea.

What is good for rosacea?

What is granulomatous rosacea?

What is mild rosacea?
Mild rosacea is often just permanent pink facial skin and easy flushing that goes away quickly.​

What is ocular rosacea?
​Ocular rosacea causes the eyes to look very bloodshot because the over-active facial vessels making your face look red are doing the same thing to your eyes. Some describe rosacea in the eyes as having "monster eyes". Redness in your eyes caused by rosacea can also be painful and create great dryness. Many doctors will prescribe antibiotic eye drops for ocular rosacea, which can really help. Rosadyn is another effective treatment for rosacea eye redness. There are several testimonials on the Amazon website about Rosadyn's success treating ocular rosacea. It's well worth trying if you've got rosacea affected eyes.

What is papulopustular rosacea?
​Papules is the term used for the acne-like blemishes associated with rosacea.  "Pustular" refers to the leakage associated with pustules.  If you have papulopustular rosacea it likely means you've got puss-filled lesions on your face along with redness and inflammation.

What is prescribed for rosacea?
Dermatologist will often perscribe anti-biotics and topical antibiotic medication such as metronidazole along with a rosacea friendly cleanser.   Azelaic acid (Finacea gel 15%) is another effective treatment for patients with rosacea. Both metronidazole and azelaic acid work to control the redness and bumps in rosacea.

Oral antibiotics are also commonly prescribed to patients with moderate rosacea, but the side effects of continuous anti-biotic use must be considered. Tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline, and amoxicillin are among the many oral antibiotics commonly prescribed and they actually help reduce inflammation and pimples in rosacea.

Rosadyn, a new non-perscription oral neutralceudical, is also very effective in controlling flushing and inflammation.

What Is rosacea of the eye?
This is called ocular rosacea and it is the inflammation of blood vessels in the eye ball.  Someone suffering from ocular rosacea will have a "blood shot" look to their eyes. Those with ocular rosacea also suffer irritation and dryness. 

Here are some examples

What is the best face wash for rosacea?

What is the best facial soap for rosacea?

What is the best foundation for rosacea?​

What is the best laser treatment for rosacea?

What is the best lotion for rosacea?

What is the best makeup for rosacea?

What is the best makeup for rosacea sufferers

What is the best makeup to cover rosacea? ​

What is the best medication for rosacea?

What is the best skin care line for rosacea?

The best skin care line is one that caters to the sensitive needs of people with rosacea. Click here
What is the best sunscreen for rosacea?

What is the best treatment for rosacea?

What is the cause of rosacea?

What is the difference between acne and rosacea?
​Many people confuse rosacea and acne not knowing they are two different conditions. Rosacea is sometimes called "adult acne" primarily because the way it looks. This is a condition that generally only appears in adults between the ages of thirty and fifty. Unlike acne, rosacea normally has no blackheads or whiteheads. Rosacea normally consists of small red bumps that are not “pop-able” like blackheads or whiteheads. Rosacea sufferers tend to have a pink or red color to their skin. Like acne, rosacea affects both men and women, although it is more prevalent in women, but normally more severe in men.

What is the difference between eczema and rosacea?
Eczema primarily causes dry, flaky skin, while rosacea has to do with the vascular system in the face.​

What is the difference between rosacea and psoriasis

What is the treatment for rosacea?

What lotion is good for rosacea?

What makes rosacea flare up
What makes rosacea worse
What moisturizer should i use for rosacea?
What not to eat when you have rosacea?
What not to eat with rosacea?

What products are good for rosacea?

What rosacea looks like

What supplements should i take for rosacea?

What to avoid when you have rosacea? 
It's always good for Rosacea sufferers to stay away from beverages like alcohol, caffeine, and some times dairy.  Spicy food is also a trigger for many.  Not every Rosacea sufferer is triggered by these foods, but they do tend to aggravate the condition in the majority of people.  Extreme temperatures are also a big trigger.  People with rosacea tend to experience facial flushing in the heat of summer and cold of winter.

What to eat for rosacea?
see answer above​

What to eat to help rosacea?
Foods with "good" oils are good for your facial skin.  Some examples are Salmon, Avocado, Almonds, and Krill.  Olive oil is another good one.  Sea Buckthorn Oil is wonderful to "on" your facial skin.

What to put on rosacea?
​Sea Buckthorn Oil is wonderful to "on" your facial skin.



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How does Sea Buckthorn Oil help rosacea?

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Is zinc oxide good for rosacea?
Zinc oxide is approved by the FDA as a Category I skin protectant. It is used as a soothing preparation for facial redness and steroid-induced thinning of the epidermis.

Does Mariah Carey has rosacea?
Yes, Mariah Carey suffers from rosacea. Celebrities with rosacea include Cameron Diaz, Princess Diana, Renee Zelwiger. President Clinton also suffers from rosacea.
Is Green Tea Leaf good for rosacea?
Is Vaseline good for rosacea?

​​Some are asking, does Vaseline heal rosacea? Tyra Banks seem to think so, but is Vaseline effective for rosacea? Vaseline, which is the trademark name for what is really petroleum jelly, certainly has wonderful lubricating and moisturizer qualities, but is petroleum jelly is derived from a non plant based source; Petroleum. Skin of all types benefit much more from organic substances derived from Plants. If you have rosacea sensitive skin, there are a few absolute front runners when it comes to organic plant based ingredients that help reduce inflammation and redness.
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Do mites cause rosacea?
Mites do not "cause" the condition of rosacea.  Rosacea is caused by a disorder of the vascular system and is aggravated by inflammation.​  Skin Mites, which are tiny microscopic parasites, can cause disturbances to the skin including redness, itching, scabs and inflammation.  All off these symptoms are similar to rosacea symptoms which is why the two are often intermingled.  Skin mites are very often itchy, which inspires one itch, which leads to redness and scabs.  The most effective and organic way to kill skin mites is by the use of a skin oil like Buckthorn Oil.  Buckthorn Oil naturally kills the mites and heals your skin simultaneously. 

Do probiotics help rosacea?
Yes​, they help by reducing the bad bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract and increasing the good bacteria.  Bacteria plays an essential role in the quality and look of your skin because it can have a direct effect on the inflammation in your body.  If you have ever noticed dark circles around your eyes, or a general poor quality to your facial skin, it could be due to an unhealthy level of bacteria in your colon.  
Can rosacea affect eyes?
Yes, rosacea can affect your eyes and is called "ocular rosacea". Ocular rosacea causes the eyes to look very bloodshot because the over-active facial vessels making your face look red are doing the same thing to your eyes. Some describe rosacea in the eyes as having "monster eyes". Redness in your eyes caused by rosacea can also be painful and create great dryness. Many doctors will prescribe antibiotic eye drops for ocular rosacea, which can really help. Rosadyn is another effective treatment for rosacea eye redness. There are several testimonials on the Amazon website about Rosadyn's success treating ocular rosacea. It's well worth trying if you've got rosacea affected eyes.

Where can I get Free Samples of Sensitive Skin Care Products?​​
RosaSkin currently has a special that offers free samples on all of there products.  See Below:​
How many laser treatments for rosacea?

How many people have rosacea?

It is estimated that 30 million people have rosacea worldwide and 10,000 people are diagnosed with rosacea every day.​

How much are laser treatments for rosacea?

How much is laser treatment for rosacea?
It's best to get 5 laser treatments spread out over a six month period.
How old do you have to be to have rosacea?
You can get rosacea at any age.
How to calm a rosacea flare up.
First, try to relax.  Stressing about a rosacea flare up will cause a rosacea flare up!  Sounds funny, but it's true. Stress causes the blood pressure to rise and put more pressure on the veins in your face.  When this happens...flare up.  So, calm yourself. Second, put a cool rag over your face and sit down for 10 minutes.  This will help with the relaxation as well.   Stay away from coffee and alcohol while you're doing this, because as we have pointed out, those two things can cause these flares.​ Finally, while you're relaxing think about what might have caused the flare up and avoid those causes in the future.  You'll find more about what causes flare up throughout this page.

How to clear rosacea naturally.

how to clear rosacea quickly
how to clear up rosacea
how to control rosacea
how to cover rosacea
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how to cure rosacea redness
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how to deal with rosacea
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how to diagnose ocular rosacea
how to diagnose rosacea
how to ease rosacea
how to eliminate rosacea
how to exercise with rosacea

How to exfoliate face with rosacea.
Exfoliating can be tricky.  You do not want to irritate your skin in any way.  No matter what, cleaning rubbing and wiping is going to fire up your delicate vascular system and cause your face to become red.  Best thing to do is use a 'soft" exfoliating formula like Manuka Honey.  Anything with grit is going to do harm to rosacea affected skin.​  Here is an Amazing Cleanser to exfoliate your skin.
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