The phenomenal healing properties of Manuka Honey has been known to Australia and New Zealand's indigenous cultures for thousands of years...and thankfully, we are finally catching up. Scientists have revealed that Manuka Honey contains a myriad of anti-bacterial properties that have the ability to eradicate nearly every type of bacteria it's exposed to.

Here at RosaSkin, we zeroed in on how Manuka Honey could benefit rosacea sufferers. Its ability to heal and calm irritated skin is astounding. Add to that Manuka Honey’s natural moisturizing effect and its capacity to strengthen rosacea weakened collagen, and a fantastic Treatment Mask was born.

Manuka honey comes from New Zealand where beekeepers set up their hives in wild uncultivated areas in which Manuka bushes grow. The bees gather nectar from the flowers of the Manuka bush, which is indigenous only to New Zealand. The honey making process is enriched by the pollution free environment of New Zealand, and certain harvests of Manuka Honey have attracted the gaze of the medical and scientific community. Some of the Manuka Honey produced has been found to have some very special properties indeed.

It is only thanks to academic research, predominantly in the last decade, that we are now able to explain many of the incredible observed effects that certain specially selected and tested honeys can have.

Is Manuka Honey good for rosacea?
What does MGO mean?  Methyglyoxal is a naturally occurring component responsible for Manuka honey’s antibacterial activity. According to MGO Manuka Honey, if Manuka honey has low or no MGO, it’s a natural or manufactured blend of Manuka with other honeys. MGO 100 is considered to be the minimum antibacterial level.

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Restore and refresh the health of your skin step by step with the Rejuvenation Trio.

​​​​​​​​Along with environmental factors, skin disorders like Rosacea, Dermatitis and Celiac’s disease can deplete our skin’s vitality by causing damage to its natural protective layer.  As a result our skin cells dry out, become inflamed and suffer an overall loss of elasticity.   So, what can we do? We can refresh and restore.

​​The Rejuvenation Trio will renew and bolster your skin cells, protect against further damage and give you back that healthy glow.   Included in this Trio is the amazing Manuka Honey Mask, a natural healer and skin hydrator.  In addition to its healing and moisturizing effect, the honey and Vitamin E in this mask will help protect your skin against damage from ultra violet sun light.   Next, nourish and condition your delicate dermis with the CoQ10 Rejuvenating Serum.   This serum with bolster the elasticity of your skin with softening the outer layer.  To complete the restore, we included the marvelous Rooibos Calming Facial Mist to hydrate and protect your skin from bacteria throughout the day.  Rooibos Calming Mist can be used under or over makeup, before or as an aftershave and is particularly beneficial directly after exposure to the hot/cold scenarios.   Start restoring your skin today!
Rejuvenation Trio
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4oz Mist                  30 Day Serum                2oz Honey Mask
Manuka Honey Treatment Mask
for rosacea sensitive skin​

We've formulated a wonderful Mask for rosacea sufferers using Manuka Honey (MGO 250), Vitamin E Oil. In addition to its healing and moisturizing effect, the honey and Vitamin E in this mask will help protect your skin against damage from ultra violet sun light. To address inflammation, we’ve incorporated Black Willow Bark Extract. The Wild Oat extract was added for extra soothing and the Neem Oil for the important anti-bacterial support.