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The answer is a big one.

Have you ever seen someone with a beet read face who didn't necessarily have rosacea? Chances are they are suffering from high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force your blood exerts on your arteries as it flows through your body, and in relation to our discussion, it is also the pressure flowing through the vessels in your face. With that correlation, it is easy to make the connection between high blood pressure and the facial flushing associated with rosacea. It's not just the outside we need to care for when treating rosacea, but the inside as well.

So, what causes our blood pressure to go up? Many things: Diet, Age, Lack of Exercise, Heredity Medications, and the big one...Stress.

Let's talk about Stress. We all have it. For some of us it's work that stresses us out...or our kids, or the bills, or our spouse...or our rosacea! If we're going to work on healing our rosacea from the inside, decreasing our stress is a great way to start. Mind you, you cannot eliminate the things that cause you stress... (Unless you quit your job and move to a remote island in the Azores)... but you can deal with your stress differently. Here's a great exercise to try.

Think of three things every day you are grateful for. I know you've heard of this exercise before, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt be reminded. I recently needed to be reminded of this anti-stress exercise when the construction noise at my neighbor's house had me at the point of insanity. I love my neighbors, but the early morning jack hammers were driving me crazy. My stress came over the conflict of wanting to complain to the city, and not wanting to have bad blood with someone so close to my home. Finally I did the grateful exercise and my stress slowly but surely diminished.

By the way, here is what I told myself I was grateful for:
1. I am grateful this second floor addition neighbors are doing will up property values.
2. I am grateful that the construction industry has picked up in my city.
3. I am grateful that my neighbors love my cat enough to not complain when it uses their garden as a cat box.

So, give it a try and see what it does for you.

Let’s talk more about your heart and its connection to rosacea. When you have your blood pressure taken, you're given two numbers referred to as your Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure.

Your Systolic blood pressure is the measurement of the pressure your blood exerts on your arteries when your heart beats, while your Diastolic blood pressure is the measurement of the pressure your blood exerts on your arteries when your heart is at rest.

For an average adult:
Blood Pressure Stage Systolic Diastolic
Normal <120 <80
Pre-Hypertension 120-139 80-99
Stage One Hypertension 140-159 90-99
Stage Two Hypertension 160+ 100+

High blood pressure causes a thickening of the blood from catarrhal and excess glutinous and fibrinous matters loading the circulatory system. That doesn't sound good does it? The two bad guys in all this are Cholesterol and Mucus, which a type of "sludge" within the body. Think of it as mud in your pipes.

So what do we do? We clean out our pipes!

If you have dangerously high blood pressure, it is imperative you see your doctor for blood pressure lowering medication. These medications work wonderfully and save lives every day. If you're trying to prevent high blood pressure, or lower a slight elevation, here are some foods and tips that will help you do it naturally.

Watch your Salt intake! Salt increases water retention, water retention puts more pressure on your vascular system and raises your blood pressure.

Cayenne, garlic or sassafras are a few good ones. Trying taking a teaspoon of cayenne a day. This increases the power of the heart and corrects the circulation problems.

Use Garlic in abundance, forget the breath issue, you're heart is more important and Garlic has been proven to aide in lowering blood pressure. Garlic and onions (members of the allium family) have been shown to reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure and the incidence of flu.

Pure Tomato Juice is not only nutritional, it contains properties that inhibits platelets in blood from clumping together and forming blood clots.

Wheat germ oil is excellent for feeding the heart and helps cut the cholesterol and smoothens its removal from the area.

Avoid the mucus-forming foods like milk and ice cream and take herbs that act as a solvent by liquefying impurities.

Drink liquor in moderation. If you're a smoker, I certainly am not going to say...just quit smoking! I grew up with a smoker, I know that it's not so simple. I just say, think about it and try to cut back.

Watch your Salt intake! Did I already mention that? :) Yes, I did, but it's important enough to mention twice!

Eat foods rich in Vitamin K. The blood clotting properties of Vitamin K, it has been found effective in preventing and curing high blood pressure in test animals, and may turn out to be important for the same use in humans. The following is a list of food rich in Vitamin K:

Kale - Broccoli - Beet Greens - Swiss Chard - Mustard Greens - Spinach - Green Onions
Brussel Sprouts - Asparagus - Cabbage

Crisp, fresh, and delicious, dark leafy greens are great in a salad or steamed as a side. As a bonus they are also high in calcium!

NOTE: People taking Warfarin (or Coumadin) should limit their intake of vitamin K in accordance with their dosage and doctor's instructions.

Chili powder, which is also high in vitamins E and C, is a great addition to spice up a stew, calzone, or just about anything. Other heart healthy spices include: Curry - Paprika - Cayenne (see above) and Cumin.

And lastly, don't forget to take a moment while you're falling to sleep to remind yourself of three things you are grateful for. I am grateful that you took the time to read this posting.

And of course, take care of your outside as well with rosacea sensitive cleansers and moisturizers. Below is our RosaSkin Trio, which includes a Daily Cleanser, Moisturizer and our wonderful Manuka Honey Treatment Mask. Also, there information about Buckthorn Oil and it's amazing healing properties.

RosaSkin Trio
Cleanser, Moisturizer & Treatment Mask

Aware that rosacea affected skin can
be either oily or dry, we've formulated
cleansers that cater to both. RosaSkin
Normal to Dry facial cleanser is perfect
for sensitive skin that needs an extra touch of moisturizer. Infused with Organic Honey and pure cold-pressed Sea Buckthorn Extract, this natural amber-colored cleanser calms your delicate skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth, and clean. For our Normal to Oily facial cleanser, we've removed the oil content and added Organic Lavender to leave oily skin with a clean, well-balanced feeling.

Our moisturizers are formulated with organic pressed Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and layer in JoJoba, pure cold-pressed Sea Buckthorn Extract and a host of other gentle, rich ingredients. RosaSkin Normal to Dry moisturizer is perfect for sensitive skin that needs an extra touch of moisturizer. For Normal to Oily skin, we’ve adjusted the oil content and added extra Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, a natural absorbent that will help balance the oils in your facial dermis and reduce inflammation. In all of our products, we avoid salicylic acid, hydroxy acids, and alcohol, as they are known irritants to delicate rosacea sensitive skin. Our moisturizes are formulated to calm your rosacea, reduce redness, and help even skin tone. 

Manuka Honey Mask
Researches across the world have been touting skin healing benefits of Honey for years.  Our favorite Doctor... Dr. Oz... has been recommending Manuka Honey for a myriad of health disorders on his television show, but he and others can't say enough about how this amazing panacea from nature does for our skin! Here at RosaSkin what matters is how wonderful Manuka Honey is for rosacea. Its ability to heal and calm irritated skin is astounding. Add to that Manuka Honey’s natural moisturizing effect and its capacity to strengthen collagen that has been weakened by rosacea, and a fantastic Treatment Mask was born.
The honey and Vitamin E in this mask will help protect your skin against damage from ultra violet sun light. To address inflammation, we’ve incorporated Black Willow Bark Extract. The Wild Oat extract was added for extra soothing and the Neem Oil for the important anti-bacterial support.
When it comes to Rosacea, what role does your heart play?